Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Little-Pick-Me-Ups - #ThePeriodEdit | Ellas Beauty Oasis.

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve found myself in a pile of exam revision and university courses but finally, I’m back and better than ever and my aim is to post 4 times a month or 1 time a week!

So today I bring you another #ThePeriodEdit post and todays post is surrounding everything beauty, A pick-me-ups post! The concept of this is kind of my pamper, beauty, and fashion essentials which always make me feel a little better when i’m down or near that TOTM.

Lush and bath products.

I love having a bath, that is the main reason I’ve chose this but another thing I love about baths is the excitement I get when I order or purchase new lush or any bath products to use and enjoy in my baths. One company I’ve been loving recently the “Island Botanics of Skye” which stock gorgeous organic oil soaps. This amazing company handmade all their soap bars locally on the Isle of Skye and create them in a range of scents. My step-mum picked this up for me via a friend of hers in her recent visit up there and the scent I received is called “Bay Lime” which smells incredible so I just had to mention it! I’m so excited to fully review this soap so look out for it on either a youtube video or favourites blogpost soon! If your interested in picking one of these up visit or click HERE for a direct link. Lush are also a favourite of mine with an example being the “yummy mummy” shower gel from the mothers day range which smells so warming and home-like that I just had to give it a mention as it creates a gorgeous lather which is soft to the skin and smells great too!

Makeup bits.

As a beauty and makeup fanatic I just love receiving and showcasing new items. Putting makeup on my face instantly perks me up and gets me ready for the day. In last months teen parcel box (links at the end) I received a new eyeshadow. When faced with new makeup 1000’s of questions whizz round my head after a quick first impression as I ponder over formulations and how it may react with my sensitive skin as I have eczema. This is the only problem I have to face when buying new items but this eyeshadow has been amazing. It’s by the company “stargazer” and it’s in a beautiful brick orange shade with galaxy like yellow splodges on. This shade is called “Jupiter” and it’s so highly pigmented. This is a new staple to my collection and I’m loving it.


For this month I’ve been really loving my Topshop floppy hat, It’s helped me become more confident with trying more statement fashion pieces. For a hat, it was quite pricy at £28 but never the less it was £28 well spent. I've been able to pair it with everything due to it's versatile colour which is black.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Ella x

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  1. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!


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