Sunday, 19 April 2015

Spring Jewellery Staples | Ella's Beauty Oasis

Hi guys, long time no post! I apologise as I have been on a university course for my school now but I am back and blogging again! Today I bring you something a little different which is “spring jewellery staples”.

I was usually not a huge lover of accessories but over the months I’ve grown to love them more and today I bring you a post showing 2 of my statement pieces in my collection.

Firstly, I show you a simple but classic dairy necklace from a lovely company called TH Baker, they kindly sent me this beautiful piece from their Kit Heath” range and my my my, its stunning! I’ve been able to team this with so many outfits because it’s so versatile! The dainty chain as you can see holds a small silver pendant heart with a small but simple cracked like pattern. I’ve been loving this and is 100% a new favourite of mine.

Next i show you a ring, I’m not a huge ring lover but this ring has 100% changed my outlook on them. This is from a lovely company called Hazel + Kent. This ring is definitely a statement to an outfit and just screams “look at me” which contrasts perfectly with the dainty necklace to create the perfect amount of accessories. The pattern on the ring itself is so unique but because of the colour choice of sliver, it can be teamed perfectly with anything. It hold a simple bubbled tribal design with a very a-symettric feel to it.

Thanks for reading this post and make sure to check out both TH Baker & Hazel + Kent, both links will be on the ends of the post.

Thanks for reading,

Ella x

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