Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Your Questions Answered #ThePeriodEdit | Ella's Beauty Oasis

Hello lovelies, on my Instagram and blog I always get questions surrounding ever so familiar beauty topics so instead of answering 100's of the same question I've decided to create a post answering the ones that seem to pop up the most. This blogpost is in collaboration with "Teen Parcel" who i'll talk more about later.

1 - If you could only live with one makeup product (be specific) what would it be?
NARS RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER! its absolutely amazing and highlights and conceals, An 100% essential for my makeup bag.

2 - what are your time of the month essentials?
Apart from the obviously essentials I love to drink hot drinks and take baths! I've been recently enjoying tea pigs as they are a healthier alternative to the chocolate you would normally crave! 

3 - favourite nail polishes?
100% binky and opi, they are my 2 favourite brands and are always featured throughout pink parcel boxes.

4 - favourite drugstore picks? (choose a couple)
maybelline colour tattoos, NYC smooth skin bronzer!

5 - do you recommend any brands for that time of the month?
yes! I 100% recommend a lovely company called teen parcel! they deliver beauty and food goodies to your door (along with the obviously essentials) every month to brighten up a dull time! this also is beneficial as you don't need to leave the house when your feeling a little bit under the weather and it's always a surprise when its delivered! if your interested in purchasing a teen parcel box then I'll leave all there links at the end of the post!

6 - how do you keep yourself preoccupied on that of the month?
I love to sit down, grab a book, paint my nails, read a blogpost! recently I've been loving opi and my favourite shade is girl colour which was in last months pink parcel box! I also have been enjoying "fleur de force glam guide" as it has some amazing pick me up recipes and beauty tips and tricks which help distract me from feeling poo!

7 - pamper tips and essentials? your story? pads or tampons? Symptoms?
yes it's okay to bath!!! maybe people are scared but don't be! it's relaxing and will ease any stomach cramps! for a more indepth post on pamper click HERE to be taken to my last #theperiodedit post to read about my pamper routine! And I'm a pad wearer, awkward to tell you I know considering i've only been having then for around 3-4 months I like to stick to what i know for now but if your considering tampons then click HERE to be taken to Chloe's post. I started early August and it was nothing like I expected! The symptoms weren't add bad as anticipated and didn't hurt at all, good luck :)

So onto "Pink Parcel"! I personally love pink parcel and the service they provide, they make that time of the month a better time, they deliver beauty and pamper products to your door, you can use these to make yourself feel better and distract you from the fact your on your period. You can have a great pamper night even when your feeling too rubbish to leave the house and go to the shops. There blog also de-bunks any myths so the link is below!

Thanks for reading,

Ella x

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