Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Spoil Yourself - The Pamper Evening Ritual | #ThePeriodEdit

When I'm feeling down or ill I love to pamper myself, I find it soothing and relaxing and it's washes away worries. In todays post I'll be going through my perfect pamper evening and naming the best items for creating that. Let's go!

The first place I'll go is the bathroom, baths are vital on a pamper evening, I feel like showers are quick and refreshing unlike baths which are relaxing and warming. I never take baths in a morning as they make me sleepy. For bath products I'll ALWAYS use a lush bath bomb. A new favorite of mine for pampering and night time is 100% "twilight" bath ballistic. The scent is so soothing, calming and spicy. It reminds me personally of winter nights and hot chocolate which isn't ideal for the middle of spring but I love it never the less. Baths are amazing for quenching the skin and relaxing muscles when your feeling tense or stressed. Baths are also amazing for relieving period cramps and cleansing out head colds.

After my bath I'll remove my makeup with either my favorite cleanser or wipes and move onto moisturizing my dry and thirsty skin. One moisturizer I've been loving recently has been the "Clean & Clear Advantage - Spot Control Moisturizer". I love this especially around that "time of the month" when your T-Zone and other vulnerable areas get spotty. This product was sent to me in a "Teen Parcel" box, I'll leave their links and more information at the end of the post.

Also on a pamper evening I love to chill and make myself look nice. A few of my relaxation essentials are books and candles. The book I've been loving at the moment is "Tanya Burr - Love Tanya" which is simply amazing and an easy read for a night of chill. I love to sit and read this whilst I light a candle, My all time favorite candle is "Yankee Candle - Vanilla Satin", It's simply exquisite. This reminds me of winter, It contains a smooth blend of rich vanilla, romantic flowers and sensuous sandalwood to create the perfect warming scent for any pamper evening.

Whilst reading, I love to have a hot drink on hand, one brand I've been recently loving for hot drinks has been "Tea Pigs". I love the "Chocolate Flake Tea" which is tea flakes without the need for a diffuser. This tastes gorgeous, reminding me of a cadburies flake. This was also in the "Teen Parcel" box and is a perfect replacement for fatty junk food which you may be craving around that time of the month.

Finally, on pamper evening I'll always paint my nails, I love painting my nails as it makes me feel relaxed but concentrated on something else rather than stressing on school work or blogposts. I've recently been loving the "OPI - Girly Colour" which is the perfect blend between a white and pink, this is great as a subtle colour on it's own or layered over a more opaque colour. This was also sent to me by Pink Parcel but this time in their adult box - "Pink Parcel"

So onto "Pink Parcel"! I personally love pink parcel and the service they provide, they make that time of the month a better time, they deliver beauty and pamper products to your door, you can use these to make yourself feel better and distract you from the fact your on your period. You can have a great pamper night even when your feeling too rubbish to leave the house and go to the shops.

Thanks for reading,

Ella x

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  1. Hey!
    I loved this post and twilight is my favourite bath bomb. xxx

  2. Hey!
    I loved this post and twilight is my favourite bath bomb. xxx

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