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What's In My Travel Makeup Bag? | Ella's Beauty Oasis.

Hello guys, recently I contemplated about starting a summer series where I would post summer looks and suitcase and holidays essentials, early I know but what would you guys think? I could do this for every season. I'll have an update coming soon to let you know a little more.

Anyway getting to the topic of this weeks post I'm doing a what's in my travel makeup bag. This is a blog collab with the lovely Gaby from "GabriellaLovesxo." Her blog is simply amazing and such an inspiration so you should 100% check out her post and instagram which will be linked with mine at the end of the post.

What's In My Travel Makeup Bag?

Having a travel makeup bag on hand is always helpful when your in my situation. My parents are divorced so I most often have to travel fro house to house so it's simply an essential for me to keep a little bag of cosmetics on hand to grab when i'm travelling around. In this bag I love to keep essentials and my favourite items around that time. I do swap and change the products around to suit the weather or the clothes I'm wearing but usually it stays pretty basic.


For face I carry 4 items, your typical base, foundation, powder and concealer.
My base is the 'Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur in Cool Rose' and this just helps to even out my skin tone before my foundation and concealer. I haven't seen a huge difference in the duration that my makeup stays on for but it helps at evening out and does a lovely job. For foundation I am loving the 'Loreal The Foundation True Match' so that is in my makeup bag at the moment. This foundation is incredible. It matches my skin colour perfectly and doesn't cake up or cling to oily or dry areas which is perfect for anyone. It's also super blend able and has a slight dewy finish. For concealer I have the 'Collection Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Wear Concealer' which has been nothing but raved about. This is so creamy and covers absolutely everything. Literally. And finally for face, to match my foundation I use the 'Loreal The Powder True Match' which is incredible teamed with the foundation. I love that it doesn't cake up and just blends nicely across the your complexion. Yet again another perfect match to my skin tone.


For eyes I carry 5 items, these being a base, shadow palette, eyeliner, mascara and a cheeky brow product. Starting with base I've recently been loving the 'Mac Pro Longwear Paintpot in Soft Ochre' which is working very nicely. It's a skin colour (well compared to my skin tone anyway) which works as a primer. The formulation is so creamy and blends across the lid and really helps to bring the colour of the eyeshadows out whilst keeping them in place all day. Love! For eyeshadows I prefer to take a small palette (I say small but it really isn't) compared to the likes of the naked palettes. I've been using the 'Sleek Au Naturel i-Divine Palette' which contains 12 gorgeously pigmented shadows. They blend and apply so easily and the size slots perfectly down the side of my bag but still has enough shadows wether i'm opting for a daytime or nightime look. For Eyeliner I have a staple of mine to create either a classic line or quirky wing which is my 'Soap and Glory Supercat Felt Liner'. This has to be my favourite makeup item of all time and I adore it. No more to be said. For mascara I'm currently testing out a new product of mine which is the 'YSL Shocking Mascara' which i've loved so far. I received this off Chloe who you've most likely heard of in a swapbox a few weeks back, i've been loving it since. It makes my lashes so long and voluminous. Finally for brows I have my 'Maybelline Brow Drama' which in short terms is a brow mascara. A lovely circular wand helps you distribute the medium brown product through the brows which helps them be shaped and tinted into place. It's just fab.

Contouring and Forming

I only bring one product when I comes to cheekbone and cheek area and this is the 'Urban Decay Naked Flushed' and the reason why I love this is because it's all compact into one palette making it easier than carrying around 3 products. The 3 products inside are amazingly and highly pigmented, they help create an amazing chizzle, colour and hilight, i'm in love.


For lips I've decided to take a combo which can be also paired singular. Firstly for lipstick I have a new staple of mine which is 'Mac Velvet Teddy' which is gorgeous. It's that typical brown toned "Kylie Jenner" nude which i've been wanting for a while. This is a matte formulation but it's not at all drying on the lips and still glides on creamily. For gloss I have 'Tanya Burr's Lipgloss in Afternoon Tea' which is a gorgeous pink toned nude. I love this and It's really comparable to the likes of Mac Cremecup and Angel. I love these glosses as they aren't at all sticky like most glosses and are actually super hydrating. I love this combo and It's my everyday go-to at the moment as it's extremely natural and pretty school friendly.


All but one of my brushes is from you guessed it, real techniques. I'm a complete brush junkie and I love all types and I refuse to take as many as I can stuff in so I'm not going to go into much detail on them.

Real Techniques Blush Brush - Great for blusher (obviously) but also great for highlighting.
Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Face Brush - Great for highlighting and soft gentle powder applying.
Real Techniques Powder Brush - Amazing for both heavy and light applications of powder.
Real Techniques Multitasking Brush - All round amazing, great for foundation, powder, contouring, bronzing, blush, highlight.
Real Techniques Stippling Brush - Amazing for foundation and concealer for a light and full coverage.
Real Techniques Contour Brush - Brilliant for contour and concealer, it's possibly my favourite brush.
Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush - Brilliant for compacting colour onto the lid.
Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush - Great for blending eyeshadow and applying concealer.
MAC 234 Brush - Amazing for blending out harsh eyeshadow and under eye shadow also.

Thanks for reading this extremely long post.

Make sure to check out Gaby's post and instagram.

Ella x

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  1. it was so lovely collabing with you! Loved this post! Xx

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    1. i'd love to - i'll email you right away x