Saturday, 28 February 2015

Urban Decay vs W7 | Ella's Beauty Oasis

Recently whilst scrolling through instagram I've noticed that many of my fellow beauty lovers have been purchasing the "W7 In The Buff" as a cheaper alternative to the "Naked 2" famously known for its natural nude and creamily pigmented eyeshadows. I decided to jump onboard this bandwagon and see the difference for myself as I already owned the "Naked 2". Today I'll be comparing each one and explaining my pros and cons of each palette. Let's go.

I did a bit of background research and the "Naked 2" was available to buy before the "In The Buff". From this I did gather that this W7 palette was going to be a copy but i was still willing to give it a go.

Firstly both palettes come in a light taupe coloured, metal case. At first look they both look sleek and have an expensive feel to them but once held it's obviously that the "Naked 2" has a  more expensive and hardwearing case. You would expect that for the extra £33 your paying but never the less the "In The Buff' case seems pretty sturdy but has that cheap, tin like feel to it. The W7 one is also moderately bigger in size, both width & height.

Once I opened them i first compared the inner packaging. The "Naked 2" has carried on with the sleek and clean look buy using a plastic rim around the eyshadows and indentations for the brush. W7 opted for a sturdy foam rim which for me has become dirty reasonably fast. The "Naked 2" one comes with a huge mirror, W7 doesn't have one at all. For brushes "Naked 2" used it's infamous double-sized brush with a flat shader brush on one end and a dense, fluffy, blending brush on the other. W7 chose a double-sized brush also. This contains a tiny, flat shader brush on one end and your typical throwaway sponge applicant on the other, i personally dislike the brush.

Next it was time for the colour choice and order. Wow. W7 have gone to a whole new level of dupes by recreating each colour with a smiler formulation and placing them in the same order along the palette!!! Each colour from the "Naked 2" has it's own replicant on the W7 one. It was time to swatch. For the purpose of this blogpost I decided to swatch my favourite dark shadow from the "Naked 2" which is "Snakebite" and also its replicant from the W7 palette. On the photograph the UD shadow is on the left and the W7 palette is on the right. It was safe to say they were extremely similar. The colour, pigmentation and blendability was almost identical. The only difference I saw was a slight cakeness to the W7 one.

Overall I believe that the W7 palette is an amazing dupe for the "Naked 2" palette for only £5. The packaging, lack of mirror and brush are the only downside to me but if you have other eye brushes, a mirror and can put up with the cheap packaging then the bargain is defiantly worth getting.

Thanks for reading,

Ella x


  1. Wow! Its so pigmented, definately trying this, great post x

  2. This seems like an amazing dupe! Definitely need to purchase it x

  3. I have this and I love it! Great comparison 💕

  4. The dupe palette looks gorgeous, I hope they sell it in my country because I'm definitely going to have to pick it up.