Saturday, 14 February 2015

Introducing: The Seasonal Edit | Ella's Beauty Oasis

The Seasonal Edit

Ever wondered, what’s your favourite season? 
Sun, snow, for what ever the reason,
No matter the weather rain or shine, 
We bring you a post every time,
Here’s a series surrounding those four, Look book, staples, essentials galore,
Three posts a month for one whole year, 
so here is a schedule, so have no fear…

Spring into Spring…

1st March - Spring Trends Lookbook

Bounce back into spring with these fresh, fun and flirty looks.

1st April - Fresh Faced Makeup

Give your skin a lease of new life with this rejuvenating, dewy & healthy look.

1st May - Spring Staples

Rounding up the months of spring with the hottest trends of the season.

Sun-kissed Summer…

1st June - Summer Trends Lookbook

Strut into summer with a sun kissed bang showcasing with these tropical, girly and beach worthy looks. You’ll look as if you’ve just fallen off the cover of vogue as you walk through that sand.

1st July - Sunkissed Bronze Makeup

Give your skin the glow it needs with this bronzed, bright and sultry look.

1st August - Summer Staples

Rounding up the months of summer with the hottest trends of the season.

Fireside Fall…

1st September - Fall Trends Lookbook

Grab your raincoats and crunch through the leaves in the hottest trends of fall.

1st October - Singed and Simple Makeup Look

BANG! POP! WHIZZ! Watch the fireworks with your copper toned makeup look.

1st November - Fall Faves

Rounding up the months of fall with the hottest trends of the season.

Winter Warmers…

1st December - Winter Trends Lookbook

Cold, crisp and white. Incorporate your favourite winter toned coloured outfits into a comfy, cozy look for cuddling up by the fire.

1st January - Frosted Berry Flush

Skin like ice. Lips like berries. Shimmering gold eyes. Snow White would be jealous.

1st February - Frosted Faves

Rounding up the months of winter with the hottest trends of the season.

So grab your gloves, sun hat, rain coat, umbrella. We hope you enjoy, Chloe and Ella.

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  1. Ooh this is such a good idea, I might attempt to do this! Thanks so much xo
    Dalal xo,