Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Braces 101 - My Braces Story and Dealing with Braces.

Hey guys, today I bring you a lifestyle post, For the past 9 months I've been blessed with a wonderful thing called braces, oh dear. In my opinion they aren't that bad, many people dwell on about how bad braces are and I was worried about getting them but once they were fitted I've learnt to deal with them and 'EMBRACE MY BRACE'.

Just to let you guys know I have been struggling to get braces for around 2 years prior to when I was first pointed towards an orthodontist. I was very nervous about getting the mould as I had a bad experience with one when I was 11, I wont go into detail because It still makes me apprehensive now. Anyway, I started a program called NLP to try and reduce my fear in order for me to get the mould to then receive my brace treatment. A lady called Helen from a lovely business called "Mindgift" helped me over many sessions to reduce my fear and help me become overall a more positive individual. It was the best thing I've ever done. Finally, at my first dentist appointment after around 3-4 consultations with Helen I managed to get my mould done, GO ELLA. If your struggling with any fears or have bad anxiety issues which are holding you back, make sure to contact Helen, she's wonderful, she is defiantly a role model to me as her motivational skills will stay with me forever. Her links will be at the end of the post.

Before and Now.

Once the mould had been taken from both my top and bottom I was told I needed 2 teeth extractions which would instantly improve my smile. This was done at my local doctors/dentist and I was put on gas and air which helped reduce any fear and pain. The tooth extraction took around 45 mins to set up, extract and tidy up. My mouth stayed numb for 3 hours and then once the numbing started to wear off that's when it got a little bit sore and achy, I lived on soup for a 2 days.

1 week after my extraction my top brace was fitted, the procedure was quick and easy and nothing too uncomfortable was required, they place glue on your teeth and then stick singular bracket blocks to each individual tooth before threading a thin wire through and tying together with a colour elastic of your choice. I opted for black which I regretted around 5 days later as it made my teeth look really dirty. Other colours I wouldn't recommend would be yellow, green, grey, brown and white. The brace at first feels weird and takes you around 3-4 days to adapt to the feeling of it in your mouth. No pain is felt. Your mouth will ache slightly for that time period too, the aches will be when you eat food and when you touch your teeth together. You may also feel your teeth feeling wobbly, this is completely normal so don't be scared. 3 weeks later my bottom brace was fitted.

Living with braces is different, you have to be more cautious of the foods you eat and cleaning your teeth. and your whole life altogether. I'd recommend taking the orthodontists advice on cleaning tools because personal i'm not really an expert on that as i just picked what she told me to and left. I chose the small bracket brush to keep your teeth from gathering food and bacteria. This helps your teeth from also not getting yellow brace marks when they are removed so it's very helpful. I also chose a special toothbrush which softer bristles through the middle ensuring you can put enough pressure on to clean your teeth thoroughly but not harming the brackets in the middle of your teeth thanks to the softer bristles.

Food choices - This is the tough part. Goodbye chocolate, boiled sweets, your beloved apples. Lol. You really need to opt for softer foods such as grapes, rice cakes, pasta, soup. This is vital, hard foods such as the ones listed on the top line of this paragraph can jeopardise your brace and how well it moves your teeth. These foods can brake your brace!!! I've broke my brace before and let me tell you now, it's not nice. It's becomes extremely uncomfortable and some dentist refuse to see you till your next appointment which could if your lucky could range from a few days till a week, but if your unlucky we are talking weeks, possibly months. The appointment can be rescheduled depending on the severity of the brace brake. This is extremely unlike unless your willing to pay so please, look after your brace.

Overall my brace experience has been a journey, emotional, tough and amazing. Emotional because of my struggle and fear. Tough because of my NLP. Amazing because of the look of my teeth.

Thanks for reading.

Ella x

Helen from NLP ;


  1. Ive had braces for just over a year now :( I relate to this post a lot! x

    1. they are difficult at first but i suppose you get used to them, thanks for reading x