Sunday, 25 January 2015

Juggling School with Blogging - Ella's Beauty Oasis.

When it comes to blogging and school, it's a lot to handle a once. Stress its built up quickly through having to juggle lot's of things with once. With school comes pressure. With blogging comes pressure to post and upload frquently ( and as you can see i'm struggling) but i've created and adapted to use some good tips to help you through school and blogging.

Tip 1 - Stay organised.

Keep and journal or planner, maybe even sketch a timetable - this helps you stick to slotted times, an example being 6:00-7:00 blogging then the rest of the evening homework. A journal helps you work around times, keeps you organised. Another tip for being organised would be to plan your post uploads and plan the upload times. Stick to certain days and certain times so your audience is waiting for your upload.

Tip 2- Bulk write blogposts.

This tip is probably my most used one as keeping track of uploading can be hard. Pick a day, preferably a weekend and use this day to bulk write 5-6 blogposts including photographs and schedule them for the next few weeks. This will take the pressure off you and then you won;t have to worry about writing in a rush. 

Tip 3 - Plan Ahead.

This is vital if you want an organised blog (unlike mine) and usually takes no time at all and is fun to do. Plan out a few months worth of posts in a diary - take advantage of any free spaces left on days to jot down ideas for the post, this makes it easier to write at when the time comes. If you plan ahead and also write ahead you can finish a months worth of posts, you can plan your posts far ahead of time and just have to hit publish instead of scrambling around to photograph and create a post last minute. 

Tip 4 - Create back-up Posts.

If you can't specify a day a month to bulk write posts, try keeping a few extra hours a month to write 2-3 at a time. This helps and gives you less pressure if you've forgot to write one or running behind. Always make sure to have around 2-5 that you can posts anytime if you don't have anything else. These are your lifesavers. 

Tip 5 - Prioritise.

Got an essay due? Got a few posts to write? Only got time for one? Opt for the essay, during exam season it's okay to miss a posts and sometimes it can't be helped. This helps with being efficient, school should always come first. You may feel guilty for not posting on your blog for a week or two but look, what happens if you miss a post? nothing. What happens if you miss your essay due date? You fail.

Blogging and Vlogging can be difficult to juggle with school but with these top tips i'm sure you'll be able to tackle it face first.

This post is a collaboration with Julie from - you should check out her post bout juggling blogging with exams considering it's exam season.

Thanks for reading.

Ella x


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