Saturday, 11 October 2014

Topshop, Lush Christmas + Boots Haul.

Hello lovelies, today i'll be bringing you my favourite type of post, hauls. I just love reading a good haul just as much as I love writing them so prepare for a long blogpost. I recently splurged on a few recent shopping trips, one on my own and another with my good friend Chloe from 'Chloes floral world' which was amazing. Anyway onto the haul.


The first shop I visited was Topshop where I purchased two denim items.

MOTO Blue Black Wash Joni Jeans - Topshop.

I do love the Topshop jeans, especially the Joni ones. They fit me perfectly and the quality is just exquisite, They are on the pricier side of jeans and retail at about £38 in all Topshop stores. I would highly recommend these jeans as they last a life time and the colour range is amazing. These jeans are so versatile and you can dress them up and down, they are also perfect for all seasons because the material isn't too thick and is neither too thin.

Boxy Denim Jacket - Topshop.

Unfortunately this was in the sale so isn't available online any more, so instead I've linked another boxy denim jacket which is very similar but slightly more fitted. Anyway this jacket spotted my eye when I saw it on the sale rack so I just had to pick it up. I straight away looked at the price tag, £15 reduced from £49, wow. I just had to put it in my basket, so far I've been loving this jacket and like the jeans its such a versatile item which works with everything.

Collared Jumper White Shirt Pop Outs - Primark.

So yet again unfortunately Primark don't have a website so I can't link the website but it's available in all Primark stores. This jumper is great and is so comfortable. The collar detailing at the top is adorable and the shirt also makes another appearance at the bottom where the shirt pokes out resembling if you were to wear a shirt underneath a jumper. To see the jumper on you can watch my latest YouTube video where I'm wearing it, click here :)

Bath Products.

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb - Lush.

This bath bomb smells amazing and is scented with with a cheerful and uplifting scent of satsumas. The bath bomb is so cute and resembles a little Santa Claus. I've yet to use this in my bath because I'm saving the 3 shown in the photo for nearer Christmas. This bath bomb retails for £2.95 so It's not too expensive either. Overall I can't wait to use this bath bomb.

Butterbear Bath Bomb - Lush.

Wow, this bath bomb is adorable and smells like one of my all time favourites, butterball. The bath bomb itself is so small and cute and retails for the same price as 'ickle baby bot', £1.95 which is a bargain for the quality, smell and size. I can't wait to use this because the reviews for this so far are outstanding and claim to have amazing skin benefits.

Dragons Egg Bath Ballistic - Lush.

So I received this bad boy for free, I was happy about this because I've never tried it before and my oh my. This bath bomb has to be one of my newest favourites because of the scent and what it holds inside, it turns your bath into a gorgeous show of colours. This retails for around £3.35 but I was lucky enough to receive this for free.

So White Bath Bomb - Lush.

This is my favourite lush bath bomb EVER. Last year I bought this tons of times because when I first bought it, the shock I got was unreal. It's so plain and white but the smell was amazing so I bought it and I was shocked when I placed it in the bath revealing a pop of hot pink reveal from inside, the skin benefits are amazing aswell as the apple scent.


Sleek Rose Gold Blush.

Wow, this blush is perfect, unfortunately the box is shut in the photo but the blush itself has the prettiest pink/coral colour with gorgeous gold shimmer undertones. Because of those shimmers the colour itself adds a natural glow to the cheeks without achieving the full on barbie look. The sleek blushes are amazing and don't break the bank if purchased like M.A.C or Dior. This blush is amazing and I'm addicted.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder.

A new staple of mine to my everyday makeup, adds a subtle highlight but also offers the perfect colours to either bronze or contour, I bought this purely for the fact that people don't stop raving about it and I've joined them now, GO BUY IT.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer.

This is a repurchase of mine, I love this concealer and the radiance it gives to the under eyes, It makes you look wide awake on the worst of days and makes me feel confident. It gives a subtle highlight under the eye if used there without looking like a walking disco ball.

Overall it was a very productive shopping trip.

Thanks for reading.

Ella x

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  1. Loved the post, really want to try the solar powder:)xx

  2. I really want to try the solar powder and the lush christmas range x

    1. you should, soap and glory is amazing and the lush christmas range... wow.

  3. love your blog so much and loved reading this


  4. Replies
    1. Btw I didn't mean that all your other posts were rubbish, they are all great :) x

  5. The concealer looks good and I love the lush Christmas range too!!