Sunday, 12 October 2014

#teenblogunite - post 3 - brand focus - Soap & Glory.

Hey guys, today I'll be doing another #teenblogunite post which is 'brand focus'. This post was hard for me at first because I love so many brands and I love collecting collections of products within those brands. I finally settled with 'Soap & Glory' which is an amazing brand both makeup and body wise. I love I Soap and Glory for so many reasons including scents and packaging. I received many soap and glory sets for my birthday and Christmas because my family know how much I love it. The packaging is girly and looks too cute on your shelves to not pick up. They offer such sweet and subtle aromas to the products which also make you smell amazing too. Soap and Glory is a well known brand which many beauty bloggers, including myself, have jumped onto. Soap and Glory offer a huge collection of body & face products differentiating from body butters and lotions to gels and washes, all the way to makeup products, these all offer so many beneficial things to the skin and are a must have in my collection.

The body butters/lotions are amazing quality and are available in most boots stores, I have yet see these products in my local superdrug's though. The prices of these body butters range from as little as £2.99 for travel butters and lotions and £10.50 max for your 300ml big tubs. My 2 personal favourite lotions are the 'Butter Yourself' and the good old classic 'Righteous Butter'. These are different in texture as the Butter Yourself is more like a butter, the consistency is more solid, where as the Righteous Butter is thinner and more liquidy. Both these products replenish your skin leaving it non oily and feeling soft. Not a body butter but I also love the 'Sugar Crush' scrub because it's great to use before a butter.

Onto the gels and washes, I've tried all these bar 'Orangeasm' which I'm dying to try out. Yet again these are only stocked in boots as far as I'm aware of. The prices yet again range from £3.99 for yor 100ml shower gels and up to £6.50 for your 500ml pumps. The quality of these is to die for and overall are my favourite shower gels I've ever used. The larger products last around 4-5 months. correct me if that's not the right spelling, LOL. Anyway my 2 personal favorites are 'Sugar Crush' because omg, have you smelt it? And 'Foam Call' which is another omg scent. There is no product different other than the scent which also is simlar with your fruity sweet undertones. Both products make my skin feel amazing. The aromas it presents are simply exquisite which make me and my bathroom smell amazing. The smell lingers subtly.

Next I'll be talking about the Soap and Glory makeup which is has become a staple in my collection. I own 3 Soap and Glory makeup products. Firstly I own the 'Super Cat Eyeliner' which is probably my most favourite makeup item ever. The application is easy and produces a line with a clean edge, you can vary thickness's aswell. The applicator itself is a pen like end which lets out enough liquid to drag smoothly across the lid without picking up eyeshadow. I also own the 'Thick and Fast Mascara' which is a perfect match with the eyeliner. The mascara wand is big and is not a plastic applicator which makes lengthening and thickening super easy, elongating the eyelashes and thickening them up has never been easier. This product claims to have non clumpy, non flake technology which I can preach for. Amazing. Onto Face products I also own the 'Solar Powder' which as you may of seen on my last post is a very recent purchase of mine. I've used it daily since I welcomed it into my collection and It looks simply amazing and natural. The powder blends easily around the cheekbone area, those contour and bronzing marks which sometimes appear when over powdering have been obliterated by the sheer fact that the product blends so well. The highlighting also is subtle.

Skincare by Soap and Glory is simply outstanding, It's on the pricier side but is defiantly worth it in the end. The 3 products are 'Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator' which is an amazing overnight moisturiser which has been doing my skin wonders. It floods your skin with moisture; stopping dry, dehydrated skin in its tracks, so you wake up to – or land with – dewy, luminous skin. This retails for £13.00. I've also got the 'Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack' which reduces puffiness and dark circles instantly making it a staple before bed and before makeup application. Morning and evening, gently apply a dab of Puffy Eye Attack under each eye, focusing on dark circles and areas of particular puff. This has been working wonder for me. This retails for £12,50. Lastly is the 'Peaches and Clean' cleanser. This is amazing and taking off my makeup has never been easier for many reasons. It’s gentle, effective, melts away make-up (even waterproof mascara), and re-energises your complexion in two minutes. This retails for £8.00

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you buy some Soap and Glory out of my reccomendation.

Ella x

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  1. This post is fab, particularly the photos :)

  2. Great post, will certainly be checking out their products when I next visit boots! X

    1. you defiantly should, they offer a huge range which any beauty blogger would love xx