Monday, 6 October 2014

My Top 3 Drugstore Foundations.

Hey guys,I'm finally getting into a blogging routine and managing to fit it round my school work so I'll probably be more active, I'll have an update coming up very shortly. Back onto the topic of the post, today i'll be sharing with you my top 3 drugstore foundations. I do love a good foundation and out of all my foundations ranging from drugstore to high end my favourite 3 are from the drugstore.
Also i just want to point out the photos in this post are not very good quality, they were taken on my old iPhone 4 when my phone was dead so they are pretty old. The quality will be back to normal on my next post.

These 3 foundations are reasonably priced ranging from around £10 to around £15 without looking at prices so they aren't too cheap to think they are bad quality but they aren't too highly priced without breaking the bank like Dior and YSL.

The 3 foundations I'll be talking about are the 'Revlon Photoready', 'Bourjois Healthy Mix' and 'Loreal True Match'. These 3 foundations are beyond amazing and I can't fault them. They are all amazing in there own little ways, each foundation makes my skin look amazing.

The 'Revlon Photoready' is the most opaque out them all and offers the most coverage. It retails for £12.99 and comes with 30ml of product which if you work it out offers around 6 months of product if you wear it everyday with a normal amount. The foundation also comes with skin benefits and offers SPF 20 and slightly moisturises, The foundation also feels light on the skin and doesn't leave cakey patches like other foundations might. Overall I love this.

Next is the 'Bourjois Healthy Mix' which is a medium coverage with a light texture like a BB cream. It makes your skin feel amazing once applied because of the moisture benefits. It claims to hydrate and luminate your skin which it does and does amazingly. I can't fault this foundation.

Lastly is the 'Loreal True Match' which has a thin consistency but a medium to full coverage. It covers all acne and feels like nothing on your face because its so thin. I feel like its so perfect for everyday wear because it applies like a BB cream because of its consistency but has a gorgeous full coverage. This is slightly dewy so sometimes I like to mattiffy for a less oily look.

Overall these 3 foundations are amazing and I'd highly recommend them all!!

Revlon Photo Ready; Click here.
Bourjois Healthy Mix; Click here.
Loreal True Match; Click Here.

Ella x

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  1. Great post Ella, I really want to try a foundation now.

    1. You should! Maybe you will pick one from my 3 recommendation x

    2. I've been dying to try the true match for agesssss! May just have to! X

  2. Great post as usual��

    1. Totally agree with you Chloe! Amazing!

  3. Lovely post!

  4. Loved this post! Why didn't I find your blog sooner!x

  5. Awh thankyou so much, maybe we can collab, email me <3

  6. Lovely post! I have actually not tried any of those foundations out, so I may need to now lol

    I am over

    1. thankyou and you should, they are amaaazing x