Thursday, 16 October 2014

Autumn Hair Care Routine.

With colder weather comes dryer hair. Moisturising your hair is fairly simple task but can provoke oily hair instead of the moisture locked hair you desired. The autumn months do nothing good to anyone's hair so after long days I like to give my hair a little TLC. In this post I'll be discussing my favourite tips and tricks along with the products I use to get my hair feeling silky and quenched.

Firstly I love to jump in a nice hot shower or bath, and wet my hair. Pretty self explanatory when it comes to wetting hair, I know. My selection of shampoo and conditioner is the 'Aussie Mega' range. When it comes to hair care Aussie is my first stop, they provide everything you need from your ordinary shampoos and conditioners all the way to your extra hair care items like leave in conditioners and hair masks.

The Aussie 'Mega' range is amazing. It provides you with the everyday conditioning you need in the colder months which does amazingly for your hair. I lather the shampoo up in my hair and rinse out then apply the conditioner from my ears downwards and leave for 2-3 mins, this is the time where I would usually wash my body. After that I will rinse it out. These 2 haircare bits do my hair wonders leaving it looking AND feeling like silk. Also these smell AMAZING. They smell fruity but sweet, along with every Aussie product. On some days instead of conditioning I prefer to use a hair mask to treat my hair. My hair mask is by a brand called Oz. It's a deep conditioning mask which claims to have amazing benefits for your hair like managing dry and damaged hair, smoothing split ends and removing roughened cuticles. I can vouch for every benefit. Amazing.

After the shower I like to sometimes treat my hair with many products, I don't do this much because it can make your hair greasy but sometimes it's nice to treat youself. Most nights when I don't use the hair mask I use the 'Herbel Essences Beautiful Ends' cream. This is a split end treatment which works amazingly. Really love this. I also sometimes use the Aussie 'Miracle Recharge' which is a leave in conditioner. I use this in the mornings on dry hair to help prolong moisture and keep it looking shiny. It also makes your hair straight. Also to let you know, this smells great ;)

For hair styling I use a mixture of 3 products to help curls, straight hair and waves stay in, keep my hair clean and to stop split-ends. These are the 'Silvikrin Classic Maxium Hold Hairspray' which keeps my hair straight, curly or wavy, depending on the style I desired. It works great and keeps them held all day. Just a quick sprits all over keeps them looking amazing and adds shine. The 'Batiste Dry Shampoos' are amazing, they come in a variety of scents, my one at the moment is 'monochrome' which I'm loving for the fall. A quick sprits of this near greasy roots keeps your hair staying clean when you haven't had time to wash it. Before doing anything that involves heat I used the 'Got 2 B Guardian Angel' which is a heat protector which is also a bargain.

Thanks for reading my moisturising hair care routine.

Ella x

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  1. I need to try some Aussie hair care, great post! x

    1. thanks lauren, and you should they are amazing x

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