Thursday, 18 September 2014

Urban Decay "The Perfect Three" Naked 1, 2 & 3 Review.

Hey Guys. Recently I splurged, oops. The splurge I made completed my Naked palette collection, I purchased the 3rd one in the collection. I already had the first and second so it was kind of an impluse buy because I love the look of a complete collection on my desk.

I received the 1 and 2 in order and then purchased the 3 myself so I actually bought them in order so I managed to try each one out for a good amount of time without wanting to go out and buy another.

Starting with an overview of the products I believe the Naked palettes are average money wise because they aren't too expensive and they aren't too cheap for the quality and quantity that you receive in the palette. Each palette comes with 12 shadows varying between shimmery and matte shades so many opportunities to create a look for all occasions. Each palette also varies between dark and light shades so you can create natural daytime looks and smoky night time looks.

Firstly I'll start by talking about the original naked palette.

I love this palette as you can probably tell because the colours are divine, they are so universal and there is a colour to match everything naturally in my opinion unless your bold and combine with blues and purples and go full on. I'm more of a laid back neutral eyeshadow palette girl so I really enjoy using this palette.

 The brush is a flat shader brush, perfect for packing glittery eyeshadows on or dusting a matte shade on the lid, this brush is perfect for a whole eye look. The top of the brush is also slightly fluffy so is perfect for buffing out harsh lines or doing a little crease work, overall I love the colour selection and the brush. My favourite colours from the palette are 'Sin', the second shade from the left which is a brown gold with peachy undertones and slight gold shimmer, and 'Hustle', third in from the right which is a dark brown with brown shimmer.

Next I'll talk about the Naked 2 palette.

Yet again, round of applause to Urban Decay for such a lovely palette which is perfect for creating so many gorgeous looks. This palette comes with more light shades than Naked and is probably the most 'Everyday' palette out the collection for the pure reason that the shades are lighter and there are a selection of looks to create with mattes and shimmers together.

The brush is a two sided brush which comes with a fluffier version of the brush in the Original palette and a more compact version of the brush in the original palette. The fluffy one is good for blending and the compact side is good for patting to get the most pigment out of colour. The palette is perfect for natural looks like I said but could also be used to totally transform your everyday eyeshadow into a smoky nightime look. Overall I love this palette slightly more that 'Naked' because I wear it daily. My favourite shades are 'Booty call' which is a light peach shimmer shade and 'Tease' which is a matte taupe like colour.

Finally I'll talk about 'Naked 3' which is the most girliest of the palettes.

If you've ever seen 'Naked 3' before you will know it's very pink and peachy. At first I wasn't a fan of the palette and I was very scared to buy it as I don't like experimenting, but on impulse I bought it and I instantly fell in love. The pink tones could easily mess up and make you looking like your just getting over an eye infection but after many attempts i've finally figured out how to use the palette.

The brush is the same brush as naked 2 but in a gorgeous rose gold colour like the outside of the palette, the colours are peach and pink tones, even the browns have slight peachy pinks in them. The palette is stunning and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to try something a little different. My favourite colours are 'Dust' very peachy and pink with slight shimmer, and 'Nooner' a peacher version of 'Tease' from naked 2.

Overall the Naked palettes are my bestfriends, I would recommend everyone to pick one up as a treat because they are worth every penny, with the packaging, the brushes and the 12 pigmented eyeshadows it's defiantly worth a shot.

Thanks for reading.

Ella x

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