Sunday, 28 September 2014

#teenblogsunite - post 2 - create an outfit - 'walk within the leaves'

Hello guys, sorry for the late #teenblogsunite post but I couldnt do it, The pictures looked wrong and I couldnt describe it, so i'm doing an outfit i would like to own called 'walk within the leaves'. This autumn themed outfit is perfect for a walk outside within the leaves, or maybe a day out.

'A Walk Within The Leaves'

This look is absolutly GORGEOUS, I love the raspberry crop top because to me that is a very fall colour and I love the way the coat ties the jeans and top together with another autumn colour. The chelsea boots are smart, comfy and casual making the outfit more everyday friendly and they are perfect for walking in leaves. The bracelet finally adds a slight sophistication to the look.

Thanks for reading..

Ella x

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