Saturday, 20 September 2014

Body Shop vs Soap & Glory - Body Lotions/Butters.

So recently with the colder days coming i've been lathering on a few generous layers of my underloved body butters and lotions. I used to buy them all the time and I never really used them. So i've been getting my moneys worth out of them recently. I thought you guys may be interested in which brand I think is better. I'll be reviewing and comparing the Body Shop and Soap & Glory,

The Body Shop

I love the Body Shop body butters just for the pure fact they are so creamy, thick and luxurious to apply, the scent range they offer is amazing and I can't complain about anything. Some scents are for me and one of those scents is 'Moringa' which i purchased in a set and wasn't out in the shop to test, I'm not a fan but some days I will use this because I still love the product. I prefer the packaging of the newer products which are the ones on the left if you didn't know, the Peach, Passion fruit and Blueberry, these scents are also my favourite.

Soap & Glory.

I also love the soap and glory body lotions and butters because the scents are just to die for. I do prefer the body shop ones texture and thickness wise when it comes to 'The Righteous Butter' because i find this one more of a thinner product because its more lotion textured even though its a butter. My favourite from this brand is probably the 'Butter YOURSELF' because its so thick like a butter, the smell is out of this world aswell.

Overall I think I prefer the 'Body Shop' body butters because the product itself is more thick and moisturising, I love the scent range aswell but I would defintly recommend both.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I love the body shop butter butters! Especially strawberry, shea, mango, raspberry and best of all chocomania! I have too many favs haha x

  2. I love the soap & glory ones! I need to try the bodyshop ones x

  3. I love both too! They both smell fab and make your skin feel and look a million dollars! Loved this xx

  4. Love body shop!

  5. The body shop butters are literally the best!xx