Thursday, 21 August 2014

Small Haul.


For my first post I decided to do a typical youtuber/blogger post, a haul. I love shopping and when I receive or purchase new products I just can't wait to try them out.

Recently I came back from a holiday in Spain and I treated myself to a few duty free items on the plane, I usually do this because the products they offer on the plane are always luxurious and a little bit cheaper than the airport duty free in somecases.

Anyway getting back to the haul here's an overview of the things I purchased on the flight home.

-Lancome 'Hypnose Doll Eyes' Mascara.
-Loreal Rouge Caresse in '06 Aphrodite Scarlet'
-Loreal Rouge Caresse in '01 Pink Fashionista'
-Loreal Rouge Caresse in '202 Impulsive Fuschia

Firstly I don't have an opinion on the Lancome 'Hypnose Doll Eyes' Mascara because I haven't opened the product yet. I already have a few mascara's open which I need to use up because your supposed to throw away a mascara after 6 months of it being opened. So opening this one would be a waste. If you guys like I will write a first impressions on it.

 Wow. This is one of the many words I could use to describe the Loreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks. They claim to have a sensual colour along with a 'light as air' sensation. I can tell you now it doesn't lie. After swatching all 3 colours when returning home on both my hand and lip I can tell you that the pigmentation of the lipsticks is gentle, not overpowering which is amazing for a natural look. They are actually very moisturising on the lips too. My favourite colour is probably 'Aphrodite Scarlet' (the right hand photo) which is different because I'm not a fan of a red lip but this red is soft, gentle and has slight peachy undertones making it warmer.
Overall I'm happy with my purchases.

Before I go one question for you, do you prefer lipstick or lipbalms/butters.

I'm defiantly a lipbutter girl because I prefer a less pigmented lip as i wear bold eyeliner.



  1. Great post Ella:) loved it x


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