Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Little-Pick-Me-Ups - #ThePeriodEdit | Ellas Beauty Oasis.

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve found myself in a pile of exam revision and university courses but finally, I’m back and better than ever and my aim is to post 4 times a month or 1 time a week!

So today I bring you another #ThePeriodEdit post and todays post is surrounding everything beauty, A pick-me-ups post! The concept of this is kind of my pamper, beauty, and fashion essentials which always make me feel a little better when i’m down or near that TOTM.

Lush and bath products.

I love having a bath, that is the main reason I’ve chose this but another thing I love about baths is the excitement I get when I order or purchase new lush or any bath products to use and enjoy in my baths. One company I’ve been loving recently the “Island Botanics of Skye” which stock gorgeous organic oil soaps. This amazing company handmade all their soap bars locally on the Isle of Skye and create them in a range of scents. My step-mum picked this up for me via a friend of hers in her recent visit up there and the scent I received is called “Bay Lime” which smells incredible so I just had to mention it! I’m so excited to fully review this soap so look out for it on either a youtube video or favourites blogpost soon! If your interested in picking one of these up visit or click HERE for a direct link. Lush are also a favourite of mine with an example being the “yummy mummy” shower gel from the mothers day range which smells so warming and home-like that I just had to give it a mention as it creates a gorgeous lather which is soft to the skin and smells great too!

Makeup bits.

As a beauty and makeup fanatic I just love receiving and showcasing new items. Putting makeup on my face instantly perks me up and gets me ready for the day. In last months teen parcel box (links at the end) I received a new eyeshadow. When faced with new makeup 1000’s of questions whizz round my head after a quick first impression as I ponder over formulations and how it may react with my sensitive skin as I have eczema. This is the only problem I have to face when buying new items but this eyeshadow has been amazing. It’s by the company “stargazer” and it’s in a beautiful brick orange shade with galaxy like yellow splodges on. This shade is called “Jupiter” and it’s so highly pigmented. This is a new staple to my collection and I’m loving it.


For this month I’ve been really loving my Topshop floppy hat, It’s helped me become more confident with trying more statement fashion pieces. For a hat, it was quite pricy at £28 but never the less it was £28 well spent. I've been able to pair it with everything due to it's versatile colour which is black.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Ella x

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Healthy Tips & Tricks - #ThePeriodEdit | Ella's Beauty Oasis.

Hi guys, today I bring you another #ThePeriodEdit post, today we are focusing around eating healthy. Whilst on TTOTM it’s important to keep your vitamins high and stay as healthy as possible when it comes to food. I’m bring you 4 tips and tricks for eating on that TOTM.

Pumpkin seeds - Pumpkin seeds are no longer just a seasonal delicacy, these seeds can help alleviate water retention, and mood swings due to its magnesium content, and its ability to regulate serotonin levels. “Magnesium is a great way to decrease water retention during PMS,” Burns said.

Brocoli - This green vegetable has a high fiber content that can actually ease bloating. Broccoli has calcium, vitamins A, C, B6, and E, potassium, and magnesium — nutrients that help alleviate PMS symptoms. A 2000 study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology found a low-fat, vegetarian diet that emphasized the consumption of plant-based foods, significantly reduced pain and PMS for many women. The symptom effects could be due to the dietary influences on estrogen activity.

Hot Drinks - Girls may find that they crave simple carbs, sugars and fats before and during their periods and often this is because serotonin levels may be low, and these foods can elevate serotonin quickly. Instead of opting for chocolate I recommend Teapigs chocolate flake tea which is a healthier alternative that doesn’t cause your mood to crash, causing more cravings. Teapigs is all natural and can be served with or without milk with no additives or added sugar. This tea comes in teen parcel boxes which I’ll speak more about at the end of the post.

Salmon - Salmon, and other fish are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that not only have heart benefits, but can also provide menstrual relief. A 1996 study published in Obstetricians and Gynecology found women who received a daily dose of 6 grams of fish oil, providing 1,080 milligrams (mg) of EPA, and 720 mg of DHA, had experienced significantly less menstrual pain while taking the fish oil supplements. The women were between the ages of 15 to 18, and took these pills over the course of two months.

So onto "Pink Parcel"! I personally love pink parcel and the service they provide, they make that time of the month a better time, they deliver beauty and pamper products to your door, you can use these to make yourself feel better and distract you from the fact your on your period. You can have a great pamper night even when your feeling too rubbish to leave the house and go to the shops. There blog also de-bunks any myths so the link is below!

Thanks for reading,

Ella x

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Spring Jewellery Staples | Ella's Beauty Oasis

Hi guys, long time no post! I apologise as I have been on a university course for my school now but I am back and blogging again! Today I bring you something a little different which is “spring jewellery staples”.

I was usually not a huge lover of accessories but over the months I’ve grown to love them more and today I bring you a post showing 2 of my statement pieces in my collection.

Firstly, I show you a simple but classic dairy necklace from a lovely company called TH Baker, they kindly sent me this beautiful piece from their Kit Heath” range and my my my, its stunning! I’ve been able to team this with so many outfits because it’s so versatile! The dainty chain as you can see holds a small silver pendant heart with a small but simple cracked like pattern. I’ve been loving this and is 100% a new favourite of mine.

Next i show you a ring, I’m not a huge ring lover but this ring has 100% changed my outlook on them. This is from a lovely company called Hazel + Kent. This ring is definitely a statement to an outfit and just screams “look at me” which contrasts perfectly with the dainty necklace to create the perfect amount of accessories. The pattern on the ring itself is so unique but because of the colour choice of sliver, it can be teamed perfectly with anything. It hold a simple bubbled tribal design with a very a-symettric feel to it.

Thanks for reading this post and make sure to check out both TH Baker & Hazel + Kent, both links will be on the ends of the post.

Thanks for reading,

Ella x

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Your Questions Answered #ThePeriodEdit | Ella's Beauty Oasis

Hello lovelies, on my Instagram and blog I always get questions surrounding ever so familiar beauty topics so instead of answering 100's of the same question I've decided to create a post answering the ones that seem to pop up the most. This blogpost is in collaboration with "Teen Parcel" who i'll talk more about later.

1 - If you could only live with one makeup product (be specific) what would it be?
NARS RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER! its absolutely amazing and highlights and conceals, An 100% essential for my makeup bag.

2 - what are your time of the month essentials?
Apart from the obviously essentials I love to drink hot drinks and take baths! I've been recently enjoying tea pigs as they are a healthier alternative to the chocolate you would normally crave! 

3 - favourite nail polishes?
100% binky and opi, they are my 2 favourite brands and are always featured throughout pink parcel boxes.

4 - favourite drugstore picks? (choose a couple)
maybelline colour tattoos, NYC smooth skin bronzer!

5 - do you recommend any brands for that time of the month?
yes! I 100% recommend a lovely company called teen parcel! they deliver beauty and food goodies to your door (along with the obviously essentials) every month to brighten up a dull time! this also is beneficial as you don't need to leave the house when your feeling a little bit under the weather and it's always a surprise when its delivered! if your interested in purchasing a teen parcel box then I'll leave all there links at the end of the post!

6 - how do you keep yourself preoccupied on that of the month?
I love to sit down, grab a book, paint my nails, read a blogpost! recently I've been loving opi and my favourite shade is girl colour which was in last months pink parcel box! I also have been enjoying "fleur de force glam guide" as it has some amazing pick me up recipes and beauty tips and tricks which help distract me from feeling poo!

7 - pamper tips and essentials? your story? pads or tampons? Symptoms?
yes it's okay to bath!!! maybe people are scared but don't be! it's relaxing and will ease any stomach cramps! for a more indepth post on pamper click HERE to be taken to my last #theperiodedit post to read about my pamper routine! And I'm a pad wearer, awkward to tell you I know considering i've only been having then for around 3-4 months I like to stick to what i know for now but if your considering tampons then click HERE to be taken to Chloe's post. I started early August and it was nothing like I expected! The symptoms weren't add bad as anticipated and didn't hurt at all, good luck :)

So onto "Pink Parcel"! I personally love pink parcel and the service they provide, they make that time of the month a better time, they deliver beauty and pamper products to your door, you can use these to make yourself feel better and distract you from the fact your on your period. You can have a great pamper night even when your feeling too rubbish to leave the house and go to the shops. There blog also de-bunks any myths so the link is below!

Thanks for reading,

Ella x

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Spoil Yourself - The Pamper Evening Ritual | #ThePeriodEdit

When I'm feeling down or ill I love to pamper myself, I find it soothing and relaxing and it's washes away worries. In todays post I'll be going through my perfect pamper evening and naming the best items for creating that. Let's go!

The first place I'll go is the bathroom, baths are vital on a pamper evening, I feel like showers are quick and refreshing unlike baths which are relaxing and warming. I never take baths in a morning as they make me sleepy. For bath products I'll ALWAYS use a lush bath bomb. A new favorite of mine for pampering and night time is 100% "twilight" bath ballistic. The scent is so soothing, calming and spicy. It reminds me personally of winter nights and hot chocolate which isn't ideal for the middle of spring but I love it never the less. Baths are amazing for quenching the skin and relaxing muscles when your feeling tense or stressed. Baths are also amazing for relieving period cramps and cleansing out head colds.

After my bath I'll remove my makeup with either my favorite cleanser or wipes and move onto moisturizing my dry and thirsty skin. One moisturizer I've been loving recently has been the "Clean & Clear Advantage - Spot Control Moisturizer". I love this especially around that "time of the month" when your T-Zone and other vulnerable areas get spotty. This product was sent to me in a "Teen Parcel" box, I'll leave their links and more information at the end of the post.

Also on a pamper evening I love to chill and make myself look nice. A few of my relaxation essentials are books and candles. The book I've been loving at the moment is "Tanya Burr - Love Tanya" which is simply amazing and an easy read for a night of chill. I love to sit and read this whilst I light a candle, My all time favorite candle is "Yankee Candle - Vanilla Satin", It's simply exquisite. This reminds me of winter, It contains a smooth blend of rich vanilla, romantic flowers and sensuous sandalwood to create the perfect warming scent for any pamper evening.

Whilst reading, I love to have a hot drink on hand, one brand I've been recently loving for hot drinks has been "Tea Pigs". I love the "Chocolate Flake Tea" which is tea flakes without the need for a diffuser. This tastes gorgeous, reminding me of a cadburies flake. This was also in the "Teen Parcel" box and is a perfect replacement for fatty junk food which you may be craving around that time of the month.

Finally, on pamper evening I'll always paint my nails, I love painting my nails as it makes me feel relaxed but concentrated on something else rather than stressing on school work or blogposts. I've recently been loving the "OPI - Girly Colour" which is the perfect blend between a white and pink, this is great as a subtle colour on it's own or layered over a more opaque colour. This was also sent to me by Pink Parcel but this time in their adult box - "Pink Parcel"

So onto "Pink Parcel"! I personally love pink parcel and the service they provide, they make that time of the month a better time, they deliver beauty and pamper products to your door, you can use these to make yourself feel better and distract you from the fact your on your period. You can have a great pamper night even when your feeling too rubbish to leave the house and go to the shops.

Thanks for reading,

Ella x

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

#ColourMeMarch Cheltenham Races Day Outfits | Ella's Beauty Oasis.

So with "Ladies Day" around the corner many of you are probably looking for an outfit that will stand you out from the crowd.  #ColourMeMarch have create a project to encourage ladies to wear brighter colours, in this post i'll be showing you 2 possible outfits you can choose. Let's go.

Outfit One - Coral Crazy.

During the spring and summer I personally love coral and orange tones as they suit many skin tones perfectly without washing you out like some colours may do. The outfit I created is simple yet sophisticated to stick to the formal "Ladies Day" attire. 

Dress - Topshop - This body con dress is perfect for an hourglass figure as it hugs all the parts to flatter your shape. I love the colour, it contrasts slightly against the lighter colours of the outfit to create a versatile and striking look.

Blazer - New Look - The blazer yet again like the dress would perfectly suit an hourglass figure with its tight fitting body area. The rolled up cuffs and a little more slouchy shoulders give the outfit a more simplistic feel whilst still keeping it classy.

Shoes - New Look - These shoes are perfect for the spring, bringing back such a classic style with the midi heel and ankle strap. Like The dress and the blazer these shoes yet again add another shade of orange to the look giving it a brighter feel.

Necklace - Misguided - The white on the gold toned necklace gives another gorgeous contrast to the already stunning look and the gold and silver make it wearable with all tones of jewellery.

Fascinators - Debenhams -This finishes off the look perfectly. Fascinators are a simple way to sophisticate up an outfit.

Outfit 2  

This outfit is my personal favourite out of the two as i 100% prefer the colour scheme. They are so spring friendly but still sophisticated.

Dress - Topshop - The scallop edged to this dress is simply stunning, with it's cross over chest and back it provides sophistication with a slight casual feel.

Blazer - New Look - I love this blazer and it's simplicity. No buttons, no detail, just plain. This gives more room for accessorising.

Pearls - Debenhams - In my eyes, pearls instantly sophisticate up an outfit, i love this set as it provides earrings and a necklace.

Wedges - New Look - I felt like wedges were perfect for this more casual take on a sophisticated outfit as they are comfier but still perfect for an event like ladies day.

Thanks for reading, Make sure to follow #ColourMeMarch on twitter to get all the latest updates by clicking HERE.

What would you wear?

Ella x

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Urban Decay vs W7 | Ella's Beauty Oasis

Recently whilst scrolling through instagram I've noticed that many of my fellow beauty lovers have been purchasing the "W7 In The Buff" as a cheaper alternative to the "Naked 2" famously known for its natural nude and creamily pigmented eyeshadows. I decided to jump onboard this bandwagon and see the difference for myself as I already owned the "Naked 2". Today I'll be comparing each one and explaining my pros and cons of each palette. Let's go.

I did a bit of background research and the "Naked 2" was available to buy before the "In The Buff". From this I did gather that this W7 palette was going to be a copy but i was still willing to give it a go.

Firstly both palettes come in a light taupe coloured, metal case. At first look they both look sleek and have an expensive feel to them but once held it's obviously that the "Naked 2" has a  more expensive and hardwearing case. You would expect that for the extra £33 your paying but never the less the "In The Buff' case seems pretty sturdy but has that cheap, tin like feel to it. The W7 one is also moderately bigger in size, both width & height.

Once I opened them i first compared the inner packaging. The "Naked 2" has carried on with the sleek and clean look buy using a plastic rim around the eyshadows and indentations for the brush. W7 opted for a sturdy foam rim which for me has become dirty reasonably fast. The "Naked 2" one comes with a huge mirror, W7 doesn't have one at all. For brushes "Naked 2" used it's infamous double-sized brush with a flat shader brush on one end and a dense, fluffy, blending brush on the other. W7 chose a double-sized brush also. This contains a tiny, flat shader brush on one end and your typical throwaway sponge applicant on the other, i personally dislike the brush.

Next it was time for the colour choice and order. Wow. W7 have gone to a whole new level of dupes by recreating each colour with a smiler formulation and placing them in the same order along the palette!!! Each colour from the "Naked 2" has it's own replicant on the W7 one. It was time to swatch. For the purpose of this blogpost I decided to swatch my favourite dark shadow from the "Naked 2" which is "Snakebite" and also its replicant from the W7 palette. On the photograph the UD shadow is on the left and the W7 palette is on the right. It was safe to say they were extremely similar. The colour, pigmentation and blendability was almost identical. The only difference I saw was a slight cakeness to the W7 one.

Overall I believe that the W7 palette is an amazing dupe for the "Naked 2" palette for only £5. The packaging, lack of mirror and brush are the only downside to me but if you have other eye brushes, a mirror and can put up with the cheap packaging then the bargain is defiantly worth getting.

Thanks for reading,

Ella x